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I can't seem to find an online manual. Here is the short version of what I do.

Power on

Select Vierra Cast

The wireless network can take up to 60 secs to connect.

Use central circle to navigate to app.

Select ok in central circle to choose app.

Volume toggles up or down. 

Select Vierra Cast again to exit streaming app.

Note: Amazon no longer supports Prime video on this app.


For the xbox: bring along your own games or try mine. Note: mine require the Kinect sensor which is plugged in but not fully set up at the moment. Feel free to give it a try.

Power xbox on

If in Vierra cast, first select black screen in center to exit app.

Select input and HDMI 4: Game.

On xbox, select up arrow to insert disc. Select again to close.

Controllers (2) are in top middle drawer with extra batteries.

Games are in top right drawer and include:

Kinect Sports

Kinect Adventures

Dance Central

Michael Jackson the Experience Dance Game

Go to Games

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